Launching the RISE Collaboration Compass

The RISE Collaboration Compass is your guide to the skills required to work better with others within your organisation and beyond

The RISE Collaboration Compass is an approach to collaboration that helps groups to deepen relationships, enhance well-being, improve critical thinking and accelerate progress, together.

During our decade working with people, teams and organisations of all kinds across the globe, we've evolved our understanding of what it takes for people to work well together.

We've know the process of collaboration is complex, human, and critical. It requires better conversations, drawing on and learning from our diverse experiences and perspectives, and taking small, iterative actions to progress on key issues. The skills required for us to do this well require investment, time, and attention, which, in today's fast-paced, quick-fix world, can feel counterintuitive.

This isn't an easy process, and our work is to help advocate for and build collaborative capacity in our organisations and beyond, so we can face our biggest challenges more effectively, together.

To help enable this, we've distiled our years of learning into our Collaboration Compass Guide, which is free to download.

Our guide explores key informing concepts and 4 domains of action which underpin the habits and practices that build capacity for better collaboration.

You can also learn more about putting these key skills and practices into action at our next Collaboration in Complexity Workshop.