Leading People & Change for B Corp Month

To celebrate B Corp month we brought together a group of inspiring leaders to discuss sustainable leadership and creating cultures of care.

What a way to kick off our first B Corp Month! 💫 We had a brilliant evening exploring sustainable leadership and cultures of care (individual and collective!) with a wonderful group of inspiring leaders in Manchester.

We all took time out to enjoy a delicious meal, slow down, and connect over what’s really going for us as we work to create a positive impact in the world 🌏

Taking the opportunity to connect with others experiencing similar questions and challenges felt incredibly reviving. We spent time asking questions such as: How do we best enable our organisations to meet the increasing needs of people and the planet? What's getting in the way? And how can we decrease feelings of overwhelm and engage in better self care?

Curating conversations that matter, and trying to make (some) sense of what’s going on, is our speciality and we’re so delighted we could share this with the B Corp Community.

A huge thanks to Ducie Street Warehouse and everyone who came along and helped us create such a special and energising evening together 💚

👋 If you're interested in attending our next event, drop us a line!

1 Connecting with ourselves and others: how are we all feeling in our leadership positions right now?
RISE B Corp Gathering Dinner
2 Taking time around the table to explore the questions we were asking ourselves
3 Up close and personal ~ how can we all work better together?
4 RISE consultant Madelanne brought us provocative questions to consider
5 Some of the questions we were asking ourselves
6 Our beautiful table at Ducie Street
6 Delicious food and good conversation, what could be better?