New Case Study: 100x Impact Accelerator & Resilient Leadership

New business case study showcasing our work with LSE's 100x Impact Accelerator to develop leadership resilience and well-being for ongoing sustainable impact.

Learn more about how we worked with world-class founders running organisations centred on social change with 100x Impact Accelerator, based at the Marshall Institute at the London School of Economics in our latest case study.

Cohorts of the 100x programme, the world's largest social impact accelerator, discovered new ways to engage their leadership resilience while driving positive change around the world, at scale.

We invited participants to slow down, connect to self and others, explore real challenges and dilemmas, and develop capacities for leading in uncertainty and complexity. 

Our Resilient Leader programme is now available as an open programme for leaders looking to bolster their well-being, and can be tailored for in-house senior leadership teams.