RISE Beyond is now a Certified B Corporation™

RISE Beyond joins the B Corp™ global community of businesses committed to positively impacting all people, communities and the planet.

We believe a different way of being and working together is not only possible, it is necessary. In our current global economic system, businesses continue to put profit over people and the planet, and it’s causing increasing fragmentation and degradation of our environmental and social worlds.

This belief that something can change and needs to change is shared by B Lab, which is why we’re really excited to announce that RISE Beyond is now a Certified B Corp™. This means we meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. This is confirmation of what we work hard to achieve: using business as a force for good in society and for the planet. 

Getting certified was no mean feat - with a lot of hard work and dedication by many over the last 12 months, and it’s just the beginning. The assessment process is a rigorous one that assesses performance across five key impact areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. Not only has the process improved the way we’re monitoring our impact, but it has also tightened up our processes and given us clearer areas for development so we can continue to increase our impact over the longer term as we grow. 

Why become a B Corp™?

Deciding to pursue this certification as a small business meant reallocating resources, time and money, which was risky to do, particularly in the current climate. So there were undoubtedly wobbly points in the process where we perhaps thought we’d bitten off more than we could chew. That said, we felt that certification from a reputable organisation such as  B Corporation® would support our intention of being a business that seeks to create a positive impact in the world. It would also assist us in creating a clearer framework to further improve our impact over time.

As with any such certification, there are valid criticisms around the B Corp™ movement, ones which we thoughtfully considered before starting on this journey. However, B Corp™ has undeniably sparked conversations and encouraged many businesses (including ours) to rethink our work and role in society. It has pushed for greater transparency, accountability, and a shift towards a more sustainable and inclusive economy. It is movements like this one, (and not just this one) that are helping to shift the way we think and act at work, putting people and the planet alongside, if not ahead, of profit. 

We are excited to now be a part of the B Corp™ community of over 7,000 businesses globally, and 1,500 businesses across the UK, and look forward to sharing more about our impact and changes over the coming months.