RISE Spring Gathering 2024!

We came together at a secret retreat in Manchester for the spring RISE Strategy Gathering and to celebrate B Corp Month!

For this spring's RISE Strategy Gathering, we came together at a secret location lair (aka the RISE House 😉) in central Manchester.

As we work remotely and live in different corners of the UK and Europe, taking the time to meet up in person and spend quality time together helps refresh our connection and lay the groundwork for what we do and where we go next as a community and company.

Getting down to business

We spent time together discussing our strategic priorities, business development and how we can bring what we do to more people and organisations ~ but all in a RISE-y, softer, energised-yet-slow and connective way 🤗

That makes it sound easy, but of course it's not! 🤯 What we want for our work, and how this melds with our lives in a supportive way, is a tricky, tangled-up business.

It takes time to consider how we can fit in the important stuff in a way that doesn't cause overwhelm or burnout - which is always a concern we have for each other working in an organisation that has such a deeply embedded sense of purpose. At the end of the day, we love our work and are eager to bring it to more people and reminding ourselves of what we do best helps us navigate such times 💜

Celebrating purpose-led business

We ended the week by celebrating B Corp Month with a group of inspiring leaders at our Leading People & Change event. We came together with the B Corp Community to discuss leadership, resilience and our collective well-being, over a delicious dinner at Ducie Street Warehouse. 🥂

Taking time to slow down, connect, and have conversations that matter is what we're all about 🌿

Conversations that matter. If you're interested in attending our next event, drop us a line! 👋

A gallery of Gathering memories...

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Putting our creative pizza-making skills to the test!

Who's brave enough for the hammock floor?
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How can we lead people in change?
Gathering with the B Corp Community at Ducie Street
Delicious food and good conversation, what could be better?